Non-Custodial Exchange, DeFi, Exchange, Staking & Governance, Lend & Borrow.

As we constantly dive into new realms, we have built an unstoppable products such as a decentralized non-custodial exchange for over 200 cryptocurrencies and over 5000 erc20 pairs through aggregated decentralized exchange, staking and governance rewards, lend and borrow.


Buy-Sell Exchange offers a unique and inbuilt crypto-to-crypto exchange. With more than 190 coins for instantly exchange your cryptocurrencies as much as you want, in any altcoin or stablecoin of your choice without any limit. With Buy-Sell exchange, you enjoy the following;
1. High exchange speed — 3 times higher than the current market leader.
2. Minimal exchange amount of all assets in less than $2 and no maximum limits at all.
3. All the fees are included in display rate. ( no additional or hidden fees)
4. No additional registration or account creation.
5. Control over your funds due to our non-custodial model.

One Big Question
Why use buy-sell exchange while there are numerous ones out there?

The answer is simple, when you use buysell exchange or defi exchange, you instantly get back BSE upon completion. Note, you need to unlock membership with BSE token, then perform exchange before you can claim each BSE reward.


Buy-Sell gives you an opportunity to stake and earn reward on over 20 crypto assets by staking BSE against smart contracts you think are secure and receives rewards. When you stake BSE, some portion of burned tokens are distributed in proportion to the amount of BSE tokens you have staked.

Our Pooled, Classic and Assets stakings gives you an indefinite and endless opportunity to earn, where 75% profits from liquidity pools and transaction fees are shared among BSE stakers proportionally, while 25% are used to buy back BSE and burn. Earn a portion of the Buy-Sell fees based on the amount of BSE held, proportion to the stake. Mint xBSE by staking BSE. Then redeem your BSE staked plus fees by converting your rewarded xBSE back to BSE.

Thanks to Govblocks, Participate in the decision making through voting/delegation on any of our updates, listings, and features on Buy-Sell and in return get rewarded with BSE token as the voting ends, is an unique way to let the community take part and govern the proposals. The board previews the proposal which can be initiated by any member of the community.


Then the community delegates their vote. When the vote ends, the certain amount allocated are distributed to the participants in proportion to your BSE membership holding status. In the case where the consensus is not reached or the minimum delegation required is not met. The initial suggestion will be implemented.


This is simply a Proof of Loyalty of Buy-Sell. There are economic incentives for been an active holder of BSE Token, as it help stabilize and increase BSE value. This is the power of membership. Set how long you want to hold BSE and the no. of BSE to hold. Remember, unlike staking where you can unstake, on holding, your BSE will only be released after the period you specified while holding ends. This will create massive demand of BSE, as it is healthy for the community.


With Buy-Sell DeFi exchange, you experience an aggregated decentralized and synthetic assets that is provided into a suite tools that simplifies the access of deep liquidity for DeFi assets at the best price through Totle.

How Buy-Sell DeFi Exchange works

Buy-Sell DeFi exchange is connected to top decentralized exchanges and synthetic asset providers.

When you execute an exchange on Buy-Sell DeFi through Totle, your order is routed to the sources offering the best prices on the market.

With Nexus Mutual Automatic Insurance which routes through Totle, Users are covered for up to 500 ETH in the event that funds are lost during a swap due to an unforeseen bug.

With Buy-Sell DeFi exchange, you get more for your token swap, this means you get a better price for your tokens 99% of the time when you trade on Buy-Sell DeFi exchange instead of a single DEX.

Benefits of Buy-Sell DeFi Exchange.
Asset pairs with over 5000
Cross multiple changes to get set price from splitting orders
The easiest to use.
Non-custodial, transparent and compliance.
Reliable measures to protect against multiple failed transactions
Less gas fee.



BSE Token Allocations

Below shows how BSE tokens are distributed;

  1. Total Token Supply: — 100,000 BSE,
  2. Presale: — 30,000 BSE (30%) will be distributed during token sale.
  3. Uniswap Liquidity Lock: — 17,500 BSE (17.5%), Permanently locked
  4. LID Protocol: 1,000 BSE (1%), Locked and released 10%/month
  5. Staking: — 20,000 BSE (20%) Locked and released 10%/month
  6. Marketing/Dev: — 16,500 BSE (16.5%), Locked and released 10%/month
  7. Team Allocation: — 15,000 BSE (15%), Locked and released 10%/month
  8. Strategic Sale Allocation: — 5,000 BSE (5%), Locked and released 0.27% daily.

What BSE Token does for you

In Buy-Sell, there are lots of interesting ways to earn BSE. Depending on the amount of BSE you hold, you can earn BSE by using our non-custodial exchange, DeFi exchange v2.0, pooled staking, lend and borrow.
*Special rates for all exchanges and any exchange amounts
*Accelerated support
*Better affiliate conditions such as higher revenue shares and lower payout limitations
*Listing and featuring of new coins and tokens for exchanges
*and much more!

You can become part of the first global ecosystem that will democratize financial markets through radical decentralization.

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BuySell is All-in-1 blockchain ecosystem which includes non-custodial exchange, DeFi exchange, staking. With BSE Token, user can earn rewards through staking…